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  • Offer Non-Recourse factoring.
  • Provide immediate, automated credit approvals with FastCredit, 24/7.
  • Get paid within 24 hours of approval.
  • Can have a face to face meeting with an advisor.
  • Unprecedented experience with invoice finance.


  • Application/Approval process can take a few days.
  • Not inexpensive funding.
  • Advance amounts listed on site but not factoring fees-must be negotiated with company.

Riviera Finance Reviews

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Riviera Finance is a factoring company based in Redondo Beach, California. Incredibly, Riviera has been financing receivables for small and medium sized businesses since 1969. Over five decades in operation speaks volumes about how they do business. 

Typical invoice factoring clients are B2B companies in the transportation, energy, staffing, construction and manufacturing industries. Riviera also partners with businesses ranging from mining companies and landscapers to auto shops and security operations. In all, Riviera provides cash management solutions to well over 1400 different clients.

Their record of serving customers is evident in the extremely positive Riviera reviews we perused. That reputation turned into a reported $70 million of annual revenues.1

Riviera Finance Locations

Riviera has regional offices located around the country (including 3 in Canada). Outside California, their busier offices are in Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas. The Florida locations are in Miami and Tampa Bay (Clearwater) while the Texas branches are in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and El Paso.  

The Houston office of Riviera Finance (on Sam Houston Parkway) has been busy. They provided two, secured credit facilities for local businesses. The first was a credit line of $250,000 for a delivery company who reached their limit with a local bank.

Another Houston transaction was a $250,000 line for a machine shop that fabricates parts and equipment for the oil and gas space. They reportedly were frustrated waiting 60 days for repayment from a customer. Since a secured line of credit from most banks is rare for newer businesses, they tried invoice financing through Riviera.

Another reason Riviera is one of our favorites is their willingness to engage in non-recourse factoring. This means the credit risk of non-payment falls on Riviera, not you. Businesses with a high concentration of outstanding invoices with one account debtor should consider this option. 

Given the extreme cyclicality of energy operations in Texas, placing some of the credit risk with a factoring can help many business owners deal with the inevitable troughs.


Yes. Riviera Finance is different from other factoring companies because it is simply more experienced. In fact, they are the most experienced invoice factoring company we cover.

At over fifty years old, Riviera still conducts business in an old-fashioned manner. This means “in person” whenever possible. It’s these close working relationships that have kept them funding a variety of industry players for decades.

But the factoring industry is always evolving. changing. Today, there’s an increasing number of players in the alternative funding space. 

These entrants include financial technology companies (fintechs) who make online small business loans through new innovations and platforms. This allows B2B and other customers can find out how much net working capital they qualify for right from a smartphone.

While Riviera Finance might not be confused for online entities like Fundbox or Bluevine, they have ample technological capabilities to handle next-generation customers. For example, their new FastCredit product offers instant, online credit approvals 24/7. 

In addition to accounts receivable factoring, Riviera features purchase order (PO) funding and freight bill factoring. The PO financing is done through their affiliate, International Trade Finance. 

Riviera also offers full receivables management- providing a back office for customers. Riviera manages well over 20,000 debtor accounts for customers. This program features:

  •       Maintaining Repayment Communication with account debtors.
  •       Invoice Processing and Mailing.
  •       Real Time Alerts from Product Returns or Terms Disputes.
  •       Access to Customer Data 24/7 with Riviera Roam (Riviera’s Online Account Management system)


In addition to the Riviera Finance reviews previously mentioned, we emphasize the main pros and cons:

Main Pros:

  •       Non-Recourse factoring.
  •       Provide instant, automated credit approvals with FastCredit, 24/7.
  •       Get paid within 24 hours of approval.
  •       Can have a face to face meeting with an advisor.
  •       Unprecedented experience with invoice finance.


Main Cons

  •       The Application process can take up to a few days.
  •       Non recourse factoring can be pricier than discount factoring.
  •       Advance amounts listed online but factoring fees must be negotiated.


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