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  • California ‘prime’ borrowers enjoy a max APR of 13.33%.
  • Extremely transparent with data tables for a variety of credit scores.
  • Certain loan repayments can be extended out 180 months.


  • The Max APRs for bad credit borrowers are very high.
  • Limited geographic representation.
  • Few product offerings (i.e. no invoice factoring).

Loan Me Reviews

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How do I Find Personal Loans Near Me?

Located in Anaheim, California, LoanMe offers both personal and small business loans directly through their website, But even online business lenders require state licensing. Loan Me has loan licenses in a number of states including :

  • Arizona
  • California
  • New Mexico
  • Missouri
  • South Carolina
  • Utah
  • Wisconsin
  • Arkansas

LoanMe personal loans provides funding in amounts ranging from $2,600 to $100,000. You may even qualify without an especially high credit score. The online application only takes about 5 minutes, and here’s what you need to get approved:

1.       Bank Statement

2.       Proof of Income

3.       Valid ID (includes driver’s license)

4.       Be at least 18 years of age.

5.       Recent Paystub

6.       Voided personal check

Once approved, the money can hit your checking account as fast as 3-4 hours. Of course, additional documentation may always be required so don’t rely on that time frame.

The best part is the loan proceeds can be used however you wish. You can consolidate debt, handle an unexpected emergency, take a vacation, pay for a wedding or even start a business. Debt consolidation loans are a way for borrowers to lower their rates, making payments more manageable. And entrepreneurs often use personal loans for business purposes since they lack the operating history for conventional bank financing.

With personal business loans, remember they’re unsecured installment loans. Since they are unsecured loans, the rates will naturally be higher than secured loans, collateralized by some type of asset. LoanMe does ask whether the borrower is a homeowner but they comment that owning a home is not a requirement to qualify for a personal loan.

Here’s an example of how bad credit business loans can be very expensive. From the, a $2600, 47-month loan in California carries an APR of over 184%. This demonstrates how “max APRs” get skewed upwards when borrowing lesser principal amounts.*  However, if you are a prime borrower, you enjoy much better rates. Luckily, California personal loan borrowers receive a ‘No Worry Guarantee’. According to their website, if you change your mind within seven days, you can return the loan amount and pay no interest or penalties.

Loan Me Small Business Loans

Small corporations and even sole proprietorships may qualify for Loan Me small business loans. We found this loan process similar in ease to personal loans. The advent of targeted algorithms to simplify the approval process has allowed online small business loans to enjoy amazing popularity over the last decade.

The requirements for a small business loan are a bit more stringent but borrowers have access to up to $250,000, well above the $100,000 limit for personal loans. The proceeds are repaid with fixed, monthly payments for as long as ten years in length.

Some of the requested information in the small business loan application includes monthly gross revenue, authorization to obtain credit, two months statements and voided check from a business checking account, voided check, business name, state, tax ID number, and business start date. Loan me also wants to know if your business is currently in a debt settlement program. Later on in the application process, a personal credit check will be performed with Experian. After reviewing dozens of Loan Me reviews, we are impressed with the lender. Here is some summary information.

Loan Me Pros and Cons

In addition to the Loan Me reviews above, we reiterate the key pros and cons:

Main Pros:

·       California ‘prime’ borrowers enjoy a max APR of 13.33%

·       Certain loan repayments can be extended out 180 months.

·       98% customer satisfaction are with Pay service

·       Supply chain finance is backstopped by Triumph Bancorp.

·       Very transparent.

 Main Cons

·       The Max APRs for bad credit borrowers are very high.

·       Limited geographic representation.

·       Few product offerings (i.e. no invoice factoring).


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