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  • Extremely fast funding.
  • Loanbuilder loan can be paid off early (but still owe fee applied to original funded amount).
  • No origination fee.
  • Award winning customer service (JD Power).
  • Since they’re acquisition by PayPal, they no longer offer expensive cash advances.


  • Term loans are still an expensive funding option.
  • Personal guarantee is required.
  • Don’t offer invoice factoring so business will incur debt.

Swift Capital Reviews

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Swift Capital Spotlight:

·       Swift Capital Headquarters: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

·       In Business Since: 2011

·       Funding category: Small business

·       Primary Financing Method: Short term loans

·       Popular Offering: Loanbuilder Term loan

Swift Capital is a business financing company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA/Wilmington, Delaware. They provide working capital business loans (term loans) to small businesses. Founded in 2006, Swift supports businesses in a variety of industries, nationwide.

From Inc.com’s profile of Swift for the Inc. 5000 list, they enjoyed 3-year revenue growth of an astounding 652%.1 As an independent lender, Swift provided to roughly 20,000 small businesses nationwide.

Now PayPal Working Capital 

In August of 2017, Swift Financial (a.k.a. Swift Capital) was acquired by PayPal for $183 million.2 The transaction is intended to complement the payment processors’ small business lending capabilities (such as their LoanBuilder and PayPal Working Capital services. These additional options enhance the value proposition for PayPal’s merchant customers. 


Essentially, Swift Capital’s main product contribution to PayPal appears to be underwriting for a business term loan product, absorbed into, and branded as, Loanbuilder. The loan is repaid on a weekly basis for terms ranging from 13 to 52 weeks. The actual lender for Loanbuilder is Utah based, Webbank (Swift Capital just services the loan).

But the Swift Capital name is still found and marketed. In fact, they’ve sent out direct mailers containing promotional information with a ‘Swift Code’. Recipients can enter the code into the Loanbuilder homepage at Loanbuilder.com.

Swift Capital/Loanbuilder Minimum Eligibility

·       9 months in business

·       At least $42,000 in total annual revenue

·       No open bankruptcies

·       Be located in the 50 United States or D.C.

·       Have a personal credit score of 550

·       Gambling businesses, financial services, collection agencies and gun stores, etc. are ineligible.


How is Swift Capital Different from Factoring Companies?

A term loan product, like PayPal’s Loanbuilder, is not something most invoice factoring companies would offer their B2B customers. Like many other online small business loans, term loans are typically paid back in fixed installments (in this case weekly). As such, they are one of the more expensive small business funding options. They also add debt to the business borrower, unlike factoring receivables.

Customer Financing

Still, Swift Capital and Paypal have put their own spin on invoice finance, which is why we included them on this site. An innovative service they offer merchant clientele is customer financing, allowing businesses on the Paypal platform to get paid faster from their customers upon invoicing.

Luckily, if your client is having difficulty paying invoices they can receive funding directly with Paypal Credit. Similar to invoice financing, this funding is dependent upon credit approval. It helps account debtor businesses that may be suffering a cash flow shortage from a seasonal slowdown, or other temporary condition.

PayPal will perform appropriate credit checks on the account debtor and assign an appropriate rate, just as factoring companies would. Actually, we saw a similar invoicing tool utilized by Kabbage, which we discuss on our Kabbage reviews page. Compare these with our Swift Capital reviews to see who scores higher. With the advent of fintech upstarts, the age-old process of invoicing customers has been brought into the modern era.

Swift Capital Pros and Cons

In addition to the Swift Capital reviews above, we reiterate the key pros and cons:

Main Pros:

·       Extremely fast funding

·       Loanbuilder loan can be paid off early (but still owe fee applied to original funded amount)

·       No origination fee

·       Award winning customer service (JD Power)

·       Since the PayPal acquisition, Swift no longer offers cash advances (see our Fora Financial reviews).


Main Cons

·       Term loans are still an expensive funding option.  

·       Personal guarantee is required.

·       Don’t offer invoice factoring so business will incur debt.


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